Holistic Emergent Counseling

This form of counseling guides you in living your most holistic life while calling upon your innate vital energies to emerge from within, putting your most authentic and empowered self in charge of the process. 
Your innate inner wisdom is the guiding force of this process. The process is both humanistic in that the counseling is centered around you the client and transpersonal in that it facilitates the emergence of soulful and spiritual dimensions within yourself.

Tom Kirkham MA 


Tom is an experienced counselor, yoga teacher, and holistic bodyworker. Tom has an MA in humanistic and transpersonal psychology and is an emergence care practitioner.
Holistic emergent counseling is an invitation to illuminate the essence of yourself by opening to an expanded state of awareness called presence within a supportive setting and a free form open-ended and organic approach
Counseling sessions focus on holistic health, energies, emotions, thoughts and archetypal patterns of the personality, relationships, professional goals, objectives, and concerns,
The context is your deepening understanding and integration of your spiritual unfolding according to your innate inner guidance, wisdom, and source of inspiration.  
Tom currently offers online counseling sessions on a sliding scale of $35 -$100 per session depending on your individual financial needs.
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